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Book Binding Options

Hard-bound (HB)

Or Case-bound. Text signatures are normally section sewn, binders board wrapped with cloth, leather, or textured papers, with end sheets, having either square or rounded backs. The spine often has a different material than used on the front or back panels. This is called a quarter bound book.

Paper Back (PB)

Text signatures are section sewn, cover drawn on and cut flush on three sides. It is a stronger more desirable binding than a Perfect-Bound (adhesive). Books normally open and lay flat nicely.


A punch and bind system using hidden, partially hidden or exposed wire loops. Excellent for books that need to lay open while being used.


A cover weight between (PB) and (HB). Covers printed on similar weight board as (PB) covers, most having gloss or matte lamination, plus end sheets with rounded backs, some having flaps. Excellent for guide type books with many pages and that need to lay flat when open.

Notch-bound (HB or PB)

Has notches punched from folded text signatures, gathered and glued into the spine back of either (HB) or (PB) books.

Saddle Stitched (PB)

Wire stapled through fold of cover and text folds. Commonly used for comic books, magazines, cookbooks, etc.


Hand-bound or special customer requirements. We like challenges!